Save BIG $$$ - Your Tools Will Have Amazing Power As Never Before
Convert Your Dying Tool Batteries Into a Porta-Pak™
For Dewalt, Craftsman, Ryobi, Makita, Black & Decker, Milwaukee, Etc.
 Now You Can Recycle Your Old Tool Batteries Into a Brand New Powerful Porta-Pak Battery™ - It's Green, It's Smart, It Saves $$$

This is a Complete Kit
(less Cells)



If you have 2 or more dead or weak batteries-

Convert Them!

rambo battery

Convert your old batteries into a new
Porta-Pak™ Velcro Battery to run your cordless tools with amazing power!

It's easy with our
Power Station™Kit!

Our Porta-Pak™ is made from Velcro for simple assembly.

Velcro Battery Retainer Belt, Bottom, Top, and Handle w/ Lock. It's Easy

Wearing Recycled Rambo

Our Porta-Pak™ Plans (guide), included in each kit, shows you how to use the good batteries (cells) inside your tool batteries to make a New Porta-Pak™ Battery - Patent Pending

A Porta-Pak™ Velcro Battery can "super power" your cordless power tools - any brand - any voltage. You can also use a Porta-Pak™ as a rechargeable power source for Battery Resurrection. A Porta-Pak™ can be an extreme power source for any battery operated tool or radio or appliance.

We have designed a way to Reuse the good cells from your old dead or weak cordless tool batteries!

For Example:

  • An 18 volt battery contains (15) 1.2 volt cells. Usually, most are GOOD
  • Simply insert the good cells into the elastic pockets of our Velcro Battery Belt
  • A little wiring and soldering and you have a powerful tool battery
  • The "Porta-Pak™ Build It!™ Guide" is easy to follow and makes recycling your batteries a fun and rewarding project. Also, great for a rainy day project
  • Designed to also teach the basics, so even a novice will find it easy
  • Build any voltage Porta-Pak™ to run multiple tools of any brand (Dewalt, Ryobi, Craftsman, Skil, Black & Decker, Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch, etc)
  • You can even run 12 volt tools at 14.4 volts and 14.4 volt tools at 18 volts
  • Save a ton of money by simply replacing cells in your Porta-Pak™ as needed
  • Use recycled cells or brand new cells - NiCD or NiMH - the guide explains how

Want More Speed and Power From Your Cordless Tools?

A Porta-Pak™Power Station™ Kit Is Normally Built To Run Your Tool at it's Factory Voltage (12 volt for 12 volt tool, 18 volt for 18 volt tool), but you can also build for higher voltage -

  • 24 Volts for 19.2 volt Tool
  • 19.2 Volts for 18 volt Tool
  • 18 Volts for 14.4 Volt Tool
  • 12 Volts for 9.6 Volt Tool
  • You Decide if OverPowering is right for your tool

You Will Notice the Extra Power Immediately

You Can Buy a New Battery, Then Another, and Another Thumbs Down
Thumbs up Or, You Can Build A PORTA-PAK™ - Use Over & Over
Porta-Pak™ Kit - Standard

Porta-Pak™ Standard Kit includes everything you need (less cells) with all items identified for easy assembly. Includes the Porta-Pak™ Plans (online guide).    click to enlarge image>

rambo battery std kit
What Is the "Rambo Battery™Kit - Standard & Multi-Voltage Versions"

Our Porta-Pak™ Kits have everything you need to build a single voltage or multi-voltage Porta-Pak™ Battery - (you pick the voltages you need up to 24 volts). All parts are clearly identified and made of velcro for simple assembly.

The included "Porta-Pak™ Build It!™ Online Guide" is easy to follow with Step by Step instructions and pictures designed to be easy for everyone.

You will make a battery adapter from your old battery housing and charging is just like it was - put the battery adapter into the charger to charge the Porta-Pak™.

Shipping and Handling:
We will mail you the Porta-Pak™ Kit by USPS Priority Mail in the continental USA after your payment has been
received and cleared.

International Buyers contact me before ordering

If you have questions, contact me at or call 619-825-0519 and leave a message.

Guaranteed To Work As Stated




Porta-Pak™ and Rambo Battery™ are products of Unique Dynamics, Inc. and are patent pending. Unique Dynamics, Inc, is the same corporation that created and began selling the Battery Resurrection® Guide™ in 2005. You can read the Testimonials for Battery Resurrection® any time you please.

You might know that the Battery Resurrection® Guide™ was created to help people get more life out of their Dewalt, Craftsman, Ryobi, Makita, Milwaukee, Kawasaki, Coleman, Bosch, Black and Decker, Fein, Hitachi, Skil, and all other NiCD, NiCad, Nickel Cadmium rechargeable batteries. The Battery Resurrection® Guide™ besides being a great gift for men, has reduced toxic Cadmium going to land fills and has helped the environment for DIY "do-it-yourself" types around the world.

Now, Unique Dynamics, Inc, has 2 new products, Porta-Pak™ and Rambo Battery™ that will help their owners of Dewalt, Craftsman, Ryobi, Makita, Milwaukee, Kawasaki, Coleman, Bosch, Black and Decker, Fein, Hitachi, Skil, and all other NiCD, NiCad, Nickel Cadmium rechargeable batteries to be able to replace a single or serveral bad cells rather than the entire battery. The additional savings in money will also help reduce polution in dumps and landfills of toxic chemicals.
A feature of the Porta-Pak™ Power Station™ is its simple design. It is compact and has abilities that no other Dewalt, Craftsman, Ryobi, Makita, Milwaukee, Kawasaki, Coleman, Bosch, or Black and Decker battery has. The Porta-Pak™ Power Station™ can be made with any type Sub-C cells you want including, NiCad and NiMH. The Multi-Voltage version of the Porta-Pak™ Power Station™ enables you to change the output voltage in a matter of seconds to drive any voltage cordless drill or power tool.
People that own and use Dewalt, Craftsman, Ryobi, Makita and Porter Cable, Milwaukee, Kawasaki, Coleman, Bosch, Black and Decker, Fein, Hitachi, Skil, and all other NiCD, NiCad, Nickel Cadmium rechargeable batteries will find a huge money savings when using a Porta-Pak™ Power Station™ to power their tools.
The Porta-Pak™ Power Station™ goes with your cordless tool. Simply place the Porta-Pak™ on your work bench or other work area close to where you will be working. Insert the battery adapter into the tool you are using from Dewalt, Craftsman, Ryobi, Makita, Milwaukee, Kawasaki, Coleman, Bosch, Black and Decker, Fein, Hitachi, or Skil and do your drilling, sawing, etc.
You will find our advertising on Craigslist for the Battery Resurrection® Guide™ and for the Rambo Battery™ as well as the Porta-Pak™ Power Station™ on